bruised. (bruisedhips) wrote,

Our cat demands Pizza and Dancing Slaves!

Oh alright. I am still sick but I ate a piece of white toast this morning and it's working out ok. I also tried to tone down my golden hair and now it's purple and not just a little bit.
Our cat, (pictured above) is an idiot. When I turn on the hose every morning to water our front yard he runs back and forth in it like a naked 3 year old. Well, this morning I watered everything really well since I have been too ill to STAND and I had just planted some little seeds a week or so ago. When I came home from taking Owen to school the stupid cat was LAYING in the mud by our front door. Like, there were pools of water around his fat body. What kind of cat does this?
He also looked up at me and said "rowwwwwwww" and stretched up to follow me inside the house. I have never slammed the door in an animals face so quickly. I was like, "Oh, no! You! Just! Guh!" *Slam* "Shiver*
So anyway, I'm just chillin with mudsy the cat and my purple hair.
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