bruised. (bruisedhips) wrote,

If I was a boy, my name would have been Aleister.

I'm deleting this journal, it's been a good 4(?) years but it's time to go. I'll be setting up shop elsewhere, in a more private fashion.
I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone, thank you for allowing me to read your memoirs and see your photos. When I find another spot, I'll add most of you and give you the option of coming with me, or not. No hard feelings if this journal is no longer what you signed up for, I agree in most cases. I have lost my sass. Guys, it's true.
I hate journal hoping and I don't like to follow people around the internet either, I hope you will be understanding that there is a lot in this journal that I have closed the proverbial book on.
I also feel that I have this journal "advertised" alongside many projects I have worked on and in many dark corners of the internet, I don't wish to be found so easily any longer.
This journal will stay, but the entries will all become private. I hope that if I bring you along to my new spot on the map that you will keep it's name and contents for your own.
Much love guys, f'reals.

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